The Redemption of Donut Bonds

Croissant Games
2 min readMay 18


Hi Bakers, today we are announcing the redemption of the bonds for Donut.Financial, as we are building our operations around the $BDR token.

Some users are have been experiencing issues claiming their Donut Stablecoin bonds and to address this, Donut bonds (MUSD and USDC bond holders) will be deprecated and bond holders will be airdrop/allow claim on the original value of the bonds in the token they are owed to.

Funds from community buyback wallet will be used to purchase MUSD and users who are not able to claim their bond rewards currently (MUSD and USDC bond holders) will be awarded with MUSD at a 1:1 ratio.

🤩 The claim process

We have created a google form for affected users to submit their user information in order for us to quickly resolve this issue.

Please prepare the following:

  1. Your wallet address holding the bonds
  2. Expected MUSD claims
  3. Expected USDC claims
  4. Screenshot of the above claims under the bonds page

As for the perpetual bonds, we will update the community with further information down the road. Thank you for your patience with us and we hope you enjoy the games on our platform!



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