🃏The all-new Croisino

New games: Pokers, Table Games, Slots & Many More in Partnership with some of the renowned providers in the space.

We are dedicated to provide the #1 best game experience for all our bakers!
Slots games and more!
  1. Crypto Deposits — Deposit any token of your choice (token partners as well)
  1. Affiliate System — Invite friends to join and earn a commission based on their gaming volume
  2. Game Mining — Earn as you play
  3. Auto-Play — Use the auto-play feature to let your game run automatically
  4. Live Gaming — Table games in real-time with dealer and other players
  5. VIP System — Get special perks as a high roller in our VIP system
  6. Enjoy fast paced games — No more waiting for bets to settle
  7. Transparent RTP — View the return-to-player rate for all games transparently

Heavy roadmap for the future

1. NFT community battles — Real-time battles between NFT communities (also use your NFT as display pic!)

Our current issues and how we intend to solve them through this new product launch

We understand that some of our most dedicated players may have experienced frustration when playing our on-chain games due to congestion on the blockchain that caused some bets to be unresolved and required manual intervention. However, with Croisino, we will be able to implement improved automated systems that will eliminate these issues.

A personal note:

I thank all of you Croissant community for continuously supporting us throughout the past year that we have been around. Despite the bear market, I’ve been continuously working behind the scenes to bring a much needed upgrade to Croissant games, to provide better and fairer entertainment for all of you. Over the lifetime of Croissant games, the team has accrued close to $300k USD of profits that we have since re-invested into building an entire platform for all you degen gamers.



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