🥸 Launchpad Postponed & On-Chain/Off Chain Games launch

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3 min readAug 24


Gm Bakers!

Launching any project in a bearish climate is always difficult. FriendTech helped the overall hype on Base chain but there is still increasing competition over the limited liquidity on this chain.

Also, everyone seems focused only on FriendTech and users participation has not increased by much for the other dapps on Base. Therefore, we feel that a smarter way to success is to use more time to build more traction with the community on Base at lower cost before pushing for greater heights.

Therefore, we decided to delay our launchpad for $BAGEL and instead bake products that we believe people will prefer in the current market.

We will go back to our original roots and focus on what we have always been good at : On-Chain/Off-Chain Gaming Experience.


With over 1,000,000 games played till date and over 2,825,942 wMATIC and 116,010,546 wCRO played, we are one of the largest on-chain gaming platform on Polygon and Cronos.


You play, you either win or lose. Fuss-free, simple, straight forward. We intend to be the FIRST dapp to launch the same games on Base Chain and allowing users to bet in USDC and ETH token.

— — —

Our team will also be adding support for Base Chain tokens (USDC and ETH as well) to be played on our main game site with over 500 different types of games within the next few days: https://croissant.games/

Croissant.Games with over 500 games.

— — — —

Our path ahead is as follows,

-Instead of competing with various players that already exist on $BASE for that shrinking liquidity, we will now go back to what we have already been good at: Off-Chain/On-chain Games.

-We will increase our branding and user base by impressing Base users with our games.

-In the meantime, we will also work on collaborations with Base advocates or KOLs for our games at the same time.

-Once our own traction is organically built, then we can proceed onto the more defi-centric path.

-With the launchpad delay, the $BDR launch will be delayed as well. $BDR will only launch after dex since we need a place for users to form liquidity. This is also to ensure that the price of $BDR is protected since a farm for users to stake $BDR to earn $BAGEL will be created. This helps increase the use cases of $BDR.

Even though our launchpad is postponed, our Bagel Dex is already fully built and is up and running. We believe running it only benefits our users and the team as we will lock our gaming profits as trading liquidity for our Dex.

Try us out at bagelswap.com

In other words, when we launch BAGEL in the future, we will have organic traction, millions in liquidity already, and BAGEL launchpad will be a super huge success!

Look forward Bakers! The bakery is just getting started:)



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