🌚 Launch of $BDR token on a L2 Chain

Croissant Games
2 min readApr 30


No sale, no nonsense and lets go!

The long awaited Breadroll Token ($BDR) is coming to an L2. We are looking at Arbitrum for the time being but we are keeping our options open.

We hate writing essays so heres the summary:

  1. Launching of $BDR token on an L2 on Q3 2023
  2. Team will use the buyback wallet to form $40,000 USD of liquidity with BDR to create BDR/USDC LP on a dex
  3. We are changing the price of BDR from $1 to $0.05. This prevents dilution of the BDR token market cap and protects our holders from users who game mine on our Croissant.Games and sell onto the liquidity pool.
  4. You can deposit Croissant/Donut/Muffin on Croissant.Games and you can swap these assets into $BDR in this ratio where $1 of each asset = $2 of $BDR at this current point in time and this ratio will be locked.
  5. Swap rates: 30.1 CROISSANT = 1 BDR | 8.6 DONUT = 1 BDR | 46.6 MUFFIN = 1 BDR
  6. On-Chain L2 games will be launched subsequently — will allow betting in USDC / ETH / BDR and more.


  1. I have donut bonds, what should i do?
    - If you have donut bonds, just continue holding them and you can send your yields to Croissant.Games and exchange them into BDR token till we deprecate the bonds (more info on this to come)
  2. Why should i hold BreadRoll token?
    - 50% of all on-chain games profits are used to buyback $BDR token
    - you can participate in powerball game on Croissant.Games to earn more tokens
    - you can also use $BDR tokens to make bets once our on-chain games on Arbitrum is up



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