Launch of 🥯 BagelSwap on Base Chain!

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5 min readAug 16


A week away from the launch of Bagel Swap to on Base chain!

👋 Sup bakers,

Sorry to have kept you waiting. Our team is ready to unleash all that we have been working on for the past months (the best things in life are worth waiting for). 😎

🧑🏼‍🌾 Humble beginnings

We originally started out on Cronos chain as an on-chain games provider having done over 100mil USD in gaming volume (top few on-chain games in the entire crypto space!). We built and built and now we are a multi-chain crypto-powered casino that has since been operating for 9 months, doing over 20 mil monthly gaming volume recently, and still growing well!

🙏🏻 Thankfully, we have always been profitable, and we have since reinvested our profits into building to make sure we are able to fly high🕊 when the time comes. It seems like right now “gamblefi” is becoming highly popular among the community and we are best to succeed here with what we have been preparing! More info on our gamblefi plan later.

— — — —

🚀 Bagel Swap launch and features 🚀

We will do a launchpad in about 1 week. Our $BAGEL token will be sold to get initial liquidity for our DEX. Bagel Swap is the name of our dex and will be the first Uni V2 and V3 hybrid DEX that will aggregate liquidity between our V2 and V3 to obtain highest possible fees earned. This is our killer feature because there aren’t many serious DEXes on Base chain that already have these features. We also have included many more awesome features which we feel will make us stand out from other dexes (most have weak price action because they are hyperinflationary and will be affected by dumping whales) :

🔥 Automatic burn and liquidity acquisition 🔥

The BAGEL token has a 5% tax that will result in half of taxes being burned, and half of it to purchase liquidity that is locked and burned. This feature is super crucial to create a deflationary token that will survive forever due to the locked liquidity.

👯 Referral mechanism 👯

We also have special offers for referrers! You will earn an additional 5% of the referree’s earnings on providing liquidity for our native BAGEL token. This is to allow our referrals to invite like minded people who believe in our project.

✖️🐳 Anti-whale and anti-dump mechanics ✖️ 🐳

Our token is built with antiwhale mechanics to prevent whales from dumping tokens. If transfers exceeds 1.5% of token supply, it will be reverted. At the same time, we have harvest lock-up mechanics so liquidity mining rewards can only be harvested every 8 hours. All these help to promote holder confidence.

🤑 Revenue share through cbETH 🤑

BAGEL will be used to earn cbETH resulting from DEX revenue. Because cbETH grows in value, you can be sure that fees that are earned are optimised.

🎰 Gaming utility 🎰

BAGEL tokens will be used in our casino for gaming, and will accrue more benefits than other tokens. This includes higher VIP points and a 10% deposit bonus. Beyond that, users can also use BAGEL to participate in our lottery that currently has a pot size of over 240k USD. Lastly, we will be setting up on-chain games on Base chain through which BAGEL can also be used for wagers.

🔐 Low to no permissions for dev team 🔐

We made sure to design our contracts to improve trust, so you know that we will not have the ability to rug. For instance, minting features are provided only to our MasterChef and we are not able to mint more tokens out of no where.

— — — —

🚀 Our launch plans 🚀

Today, we have over 9000 users on that we intend to involve in our Bagel Swap launch on Base Chain. We will be sending out whitelists to users. 70% of the launchpad will be reserved for our account holders on For users that are VIP level 6 and above, you will be provided with a bonus BAGEL allocation up to 30% when you purchase BAGEL on our launchpad (this bonus will be locked for 1 month post-launch). We intend to raise 1m USD in an overflow format and we are confident will get oversubscribed, hence this is why we have whitelists only for our most loyal users.

— — — —

🤗 Future roadmap 🤗

We have huge things planned, that we believe will take us to the next level. Here’s a sneak peak:

Crypto futures

We will be building a 1000x leveraged trading platform which is new in the space and allow depositors to be like market makers to share in the upside. Revenue earned will be shared with our native token holders.

V3 Uniswap money market

We will be building a money market that allows users to utilize their staked liquidity position to borrow additional liquidity from our money market. This will allow users to increase their capital efficiency and allow them to hedge their leveraged strategies. Fees earned will be shared with our native token holders.

— — — —

🫡 Final note 🫡

We intend to build the ultimate casino + DeFi wombo combo. Bagel Swap will be the best way for us to start our DeFi journey so we can build a new level that best combines our casino with DeFi, and allow our holders to moon in the next bull cycle.

We will be one of the larger stand out protocols in the future, and we look forward to this journey together with all of you. With our years of experience in the crypto space (over 2 years with 0 case of exploits), our team is very confident we will build a platform that is safe and secure for all our users.

Join us on our #basechain journey today. Follow us on twitter and on telegram if you haven’t already done so. 🤓

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