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CROISSANT lovers unite!

Hi lovely bakers! The Croissant team would like to drop a first official update. We would like to share our game plan and what you guys can expect from us in the future. Currently, our team has concrete plans to build at least 4 main games into our platform (we are currently brainstorming on potential future games as well!). On our first game, we have since processed 1.7mil $CRO volume over a span of 72 hours. That is an insane amount of volume in just 72 hours. If there were to be a volume leaderboard for the CRONOS chain, we would easily be one of the top few!

That 1.7mil $CRO volume has since translated into 38,467.5 CRO profits to be shared with the community, with another estimated 26,000 CRO revenue that has yet to be withdrawn from our treasury. If you were to extrapolate these figures, we can potentially expect close to 20 million monthly $CRO volume especially when more games are released. An easy $200k — $300k USD monthly $CROISSANT buyback + distribution.

What is our team working on?

  • Dashboard with summary statistics so you can view the health of the treasury, and the games (Transparency is super important to us! Nothing beats having an ultra fair House)
  • More games!! More games equates more volume, each with different RTP (Return to player — some are more profitable than others, but it is important to have huge variety for different players)
  • Secret collaborations with the $MMF team!!

Our place in the Mad Meerkat ecosystem

We ourselves are large holders of $MMF and we believe in the vision that the Mad Meerkat team has set up. This is why, you can see that our setup is tightly coupled with that of the Mad Meerkat ecosystem. We believe that only when our DAPP is successful, can we build value for the MM ecosystem (growing our own bags). That is also why we constantly work with the MMF team to figure out win-win situations. If you are a $CROISSANT holder, you are naturally exposed to the price action of $MMF as well by simply holding our token. When $MMF token experiences huge upside, you should expect $CROISSANT to increase as well (The converse holds true). So, as $CROISSANT holders, we hope that everyone understands that the $CROISSANT token is an even more highly volatile token, and that when you hold it, you are going on a LEVERAGED LONG position on the $MMF token. This is because, our liquidity is paired to the $MMF token, so we are doubly exposed to $MMF price action. If you love your $MMF token, and wish to potentially get more of it, there is no better token to hold other than the $CROISSANT token.

Lastly, the MM team has been kind to us, and has been constantly providing us exposure to their large userbase, so we would like to thank the MMF & MMB team! The Croissant Games team promise to continue building value for the MM ecosystem, so we can all win together!

Final words

We are the first movers on Cronos chain, being the first play-to-win DAPP. This means we have a huge advantage. Please do not waste this advantage, and FUD your own bags (we see you guys around — you know who you are!!). Our business model is a straightforward one. It is a statistical game where our treasury will always come out on top. By investing in $CROISSANT, you might not necessarily be investing in a moonshot (but if we moon, we will take it!), but you are looking at getting strong dividends distribution. What should you be looking to do as Croissant Baker? Spread the word! We are certain that you know of people that don’t mind tossing a coin or two, or simply rolling the dice. Eitherway, when you spread the word, our team will continue baking out new developments to build value for the tokens you hold!



The #1 Crypto Casino on Polygon and Cronos Chain. Provably Fair and Transparent On Chain and Off Chain Games.

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The #1 Crypto Casino on Polygon and Cronos Chain. Provably Fair and Transparent On Chain and Off Chain Games.