👑 Croissant expands to Polygon to conquer the next chain.

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3 min readAug 31, 2022


Hi Lovely Bakers!

The Croissant platform was first launched on Cronos on 13th Jan 2022, and we have come a long way since being the 3rd launchpad on MM Finance. We remember the time when there were over $2m pledged in the subscription for our $CROISSANT tokens, and despite the bear market then, our platform is still very much thriving 8 months down the road.

As of today, the emitted supply of the $CROISSANT token is just 12m shy of our 200m max supply mark, and thereafter we will enter into a deflationary phase whereby platform profits will be used to continually buyback to reduce the number of tokens in circulation. The loyal holders will truly be rewarded then.

Croissant still ranks as the top decentralised gaming dapp on Cronos by a far margin, boasting nearly 2000 token holders. We have been maintaining the liquidity pair of CROISSANT-MMF LP to the tune of $240,000. That is simply a tremendous feat especially in such a bearish market.

Today, I am excited to present the prospect of bringing over Croissant over to the Polygon Network. As we have distributed over $500,000 to the community wallet for token buybacks over several months, we have been specially invited by the MMF team for a run on Polygon. We also like Polygon because it offers cheap transactions with a relatively fast TPS, meaning quicker settlement for bets!

We are launching on September 4th, followed by close monitoring of user traction, gathering of feedback, and fine-tuning of parameters if necessary.

$MUFFIN will be the key token on Croissant Games Polygon just as how $CROISSANT is the main driving token for Croissant Games on Cronos. $MUFFIN will be less inflationary than $CROISSANT, with a lower total supply (150,000,000 instead of 200,000,000) and a lower rate of emission that reduces even more over time. Read more about our new tokenomics here: https://croissant-games.gitbook.io/croissant-games/tokenomics-poly

📌 Sale Details

$MUFFIN sale will take place on PolyMM and will last for 4 hours, and you will need DSF/MMF LP to participate.

  • Sales Page: https://polymm.finance/launchpad
  • Start: 4th September, 8:00am UTC
  • End: 4th September, 12:00pm UTC
  • Token Price: $0.02
  • Number of Tokens For Sale: 25,000,000
  • Amount to Raise: $500,000 in DSF/MMF LP
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Method: Overflow

A highlight of Croissant Games current and future features

  • Play-To-Earn — rewarding players with MUFFIN tokens if they lose a bet.
  • Automated risk management — preventing contract from accepting bets with potential winnings that exceed a maximum profit factor, which is computed based on current contract balance.
  • User analytics page — allowing users to see their volume, profits, game history and other personalized statistics.
  • Improved user experience — showing pending bets while waiting for settlement, reduced gas fees for settlement transaction to allow faster settlement time by Polygon nodes.
  • Powered by Chainlink — Croissant Games on Polygon will be powered by Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) which provides provably random numbers to settle game outcomes.

These features will make Croissant the most decentralized, secure, and efficient casino ever designed.

In addition, the win/loss ratio for users is very very close to whatever winning odds that players pick. E.g. coin flip on Cronos historically has very close to 50% chance of winning. Our house edge starts at 1% for bets below a certain number of tokens, which we can safely say is way better odds for a lot of centralised casinos out there.



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