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BDR to launch on Base Chain + launching Croissant Swap on L2

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3 min readAug 2


👋 Sup bakers, our team has been hard at work in preparation for our $BDR (Breadroll) token launch! Our intention is to build a token that is sustainable and will perform well in both the bull and bear market, and this is why we have delayed plenty in the launch of the token. This is all for a good cause as we will now unveil our massive plans.

Croissant 2.0 — Not only games 🪐

We have decided to delay our BDR launch mainly because we wanted to make sure we were on a chain that promises the best upside and best sustainability. Having been at the ETH CC, we understand that the next bull run will be heavily catalysed by L2s. As such, we will be launching BDR token on Base Chain L2 over Arbitrum L2 which we initially planned to launch on. (yes you heard that right!).

And that’s not all, as we have been hard at work to build infrastructure for Coinbase, mainly to build a DEX. In this way, we can fully support the launch of BDR on our own DEX instead of relying on third party DEXes which might not have our token interest at heart. Under Croissant 2.0, our team will be operating one of the biggest gaming platform and DEX on Base chain. With our ~ 9000 users on croissant.games currently, we are certain that we can launch with huge traction 🚀🚀

Some history & stats about us

Unlike other projects on Base chain so far, we have been in the space for more than 2 years and have been going strong with 0 security issue.

Originally, we launched on Cronos chain, purely as an on-chain games provider, having created our own VRF on Cronos, and utilizing Chainlink’s VRF on Polygon (having done over 200 mil USD in accrued gaming volume). Today, we have since expanded cross-chain support across 10+ different chains for our off-chain games (launched 8 months ago), having amassed over 9000 users thus far. We currently process over ~10mil USD in monthly gaming volume, growing at a steady 10+% rate. Launching our platform on Base will help us grow bigger.

Throughout the bear market, we’ve taken care of all our holders and already merged all our revenue sharing tokens into one single BDR token where all our token holders can experience the same upside.

With our own native DEX, we will allow holders of current BDR to earn our DEX native token! 🤩

Furthermore, to encourage and create huge liquidity for BDR, we will be creating farms for users to stake BDR LPs to earn DEX native token 🤩

Launch plans

We will launch our DEX shortly, and use our reserves to allow our users to bridge between all our supported chains. In the beginning, it will be a tokenless launch, and only Croissant.games users with an account will obtain a launchpad whitelist for when our token is launched. In the meantime, our team will be launching more ads to attract more users to our platform and ensure a huge success for all Croissant users!

BDR will be launched onchain once our DEX goes live and it will only be listed on our own DEX. We aim to also list BDR on Coinbase of course 😏

Calling for influencers

We are keen to provide token incentive programmes in the form of BDR tokens (whilst considering profit share) to influencers who have confidence that they can help us grow our ecosystem. Feel free to reach out to us on Telegram to find out more!



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