Announcing the Croissant Randomness Oracle (CRO)

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2 min readApr 26, 2022


Hello Croissant lovers! Today, we unveil our first ever big product — The Croissant Randomness Oracle, also coincidentally termed CRO! As we all know, randomness is hard to achieve on blockchains, and it tends to get attacked by bad actors 😒.

Seeing as it would take some time for some of the big boys like Chainlink VRF (only the top provably fair and verifiable random number generator in the crypto space😆, you know, nothing much) to perform a VRF deployment on Cronos chain, our team thought to ourselves: Let us Bakers be at the forefront of development and create something for every Cronos dapp to utilise if required! ❤️

In short, the Croissant Randomness Oracle allows for any Cronos project to use our services to generate cryptographically secure random numbers that are securely dispatched to smart contracts that require it.

It is a similar usage pattern to Chainlink VRF such that users can one day easily migrate to Chainlink VRF one day when such a deployment happens! 😮

This means that any project can integrate our solution with a peace of mind that the design patterns surrounding our randomness oracle is of similar interface to the industry standard 🔧 — they would be able to future proof themselves!

As a result, we will be taking the games offline for the time being, to implement the Croissant Randomness Oracle into the contracts. What better way to show off our product other than having them on the Croissant platform, amirite? 😉

How does this help $CROISSANT holders?

Every Croissant holder is definitely thinking of the benefits of such a product for our platform. ⏭ ️Let’s skip to the good part! We could choose to either receive payment for this random oracle solution through either the use of $CROISSANT or $CRO tokens. 🥐

Payment through the use of $CROISSANT tokens will instantly guarantee a powerful utility for our $CROISSANT token. 📈

At the same time, we are keeping our options to use $CRO should we expect to see decent adoption from the use of our tool. 🥰

What prompted this?

The lack of a proper randomness oracle on Cronos chain is preventing loads of projects from proceeding with their roadmaps. This could include projects such as 🎮 game, 🎁 gacha boxes etc.

Even for our team, we struggle with ensuring secured randomness on-chain. Thus the implementation of this tool will greatly help us reduce any exploit vectors in our games!

We have secured some initial partners expressing interest in our Randomness Oracle. I promise you guys, this will be a big one!

In conclusion

We have a product we believe will help other Cronos projects, while at the same time providing some interesting utility for the $CROISSANT token! Let’s all rally together and bake on!

Signing off
0xBakerBoy 👨‍🍳



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