🎱 Announcing Powerball Launch & BDR Utility!

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Hi bakers, till now, you must be curious what you can do with the BDR token (as you see it accumulating slowly in your wallet as you play).

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of BDR utility!

🤩 Dividends as Lottery feature

With your BDR tokens, you will be allowed to redeem lotto tickets for a chance to win the weekly lotto draw. The weekly lotto draw is supplemented by a percentage of casino profits. The higher the gaming volume, the higher the lottery pot! This utility is meant to be a dopamine inducing, fair (for all), and rewarding (for holders). The token economy is simple, and mainly involves the following BDR token users.

As a Degen — Use BDR to redeem a lotto ticket for a chance to win the weekly profits of the casino

As a holder — Hold BDR and stake to earn 10% APR. Hold as the degens bid up the price of BDR for a chance to win the lotto.

As a yield farmer — Yield farm your BDR LPs for fees and emissions

As a Gamer — Continue playing our games to mine BDR tokens. You can choose to either redeem tickets for the weekly lotto, or stake/sell the BDR tokens.

As you can see, the above participants ensure that there’s always a constant demand for the BDR token through which the BDR utility is to provide you with a chance to win big with us.

🤩 How does the lotto work?

A total of 6 numbers (and 1 additional number) will be drawn every week. Depending on the amount of numbers that you manage to match against the main draw, you will be assigned into different prize groups. See the following table for the payout:

If any of the prize groups were not successfully won, we will roll it into the next week’s draw. Initially, our pot will start at $50k USD, and over time, the size of the pot will increase, where prizes could get up to as high as $1 million USD! This means, any participant can buy $1 worth of BDR tokens for a chance to win $1 million USD! This has the potential to become the largest (most viral) crypto lotto, which is what we are aiming for, to give back to BDR holders.

There are 6 types of tickets that you can redeem from us — Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Lucky 8, Lucky 9, Lucky 10, Lucky 11, Lucky 12. Each of these tickets have differing amounts of numbers. Lucky 6 ticket will have 6 numbers to match against the 7 main draw numbers. Lucky 12 ticket will have 12 numbers to match against the 7 main draw numbers. This means, the bigger the ticket that you redeem, the higher your probability of winning a prize! Lucky 6 tickets start off at 1 BDR token per ticket. Lucky 2 ticket is redeemed at 7 BDR etc. See below table for detailed redemption price for each token:

As you can see from the table, all tickets have a fair and square chance at winning a prize from the pot. With 1 BDR, you can win as little as 10 BDR tokens, or you can win up to 38% of the entire pot! The possibilities are endless.

🤩 Token price, burns and more!

When users redeem tickets through the use of BDR, our team will set aside 10% of the BDR tokens to be burnt. This means that the BDR token will become uniquely deflationary over time. With a fixed supply, the number of BDR tokens will decrease rapidly, providing higher value for holders of our BDR tokens.

Because users need to buy BDR tokens in order to attain a chance at winning the grand lotto prize, it naturally means that the price of BDR tokens will increase steadily over time. Through our calculations, we are certain that with our current gaming revenue, we are certain that BDR price and burns will ensure a super duper luper sustainable tokenomics model!

🤩 To Sum Up

We poured our heart and soul into making croissant.games into the beautiful product that it is today. We hope you continue to enjoy gaming, and also sharing the joy with your friends. Our energies have been poured into creating a tokenomics model that we feel will be win-win for all involved in the long run. Be it whether you are a gamer, a holder, or yield farmer, we are certain that our token will be one of those to weather any potential bear markets, for the BDR token is supported by real gaming yields regardless of market climate!

Start your gaming journey with us today: https://croissant.games/



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