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4 min readJan 16


🤗 Greetings everyone, we are excited to announce that as a result of the successful launch of our new product, we have decided to make some massive changes to the tokenomics for holders of CROISSANT, MUFFIN & DONUT tokens. We are thrilled to see an average daily trading volume of nearly $50,000 USD and a steady increase in the number of daily users, currently at around 300 per day and growing. Our user base has grown exponentially in just a matter of days, now numbering in the thousands!

😘 We truly appreciate the support and interest shown by our community so far. It is clear that this venture is strong and has a promising future. In light of this, we wanted to let you know about the updated tokenomics so that you can take advantage of the potential upside.

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😝 We are excited to announce a new token swap for holders of CROISSANT, MUFFIN and DONUT tokens into 🍞 BREADROLL tokens. In order to simplify the process and allow users on all chains to benefit from the same upside of a singular cross-chain Croisino, we have decided to combine the three tokens. This will make revenue sharing much more straightforward and easier to understand.

🔥Alongside this merger, we are also releasing a new token that will enable us to offer unique gaming and staking features on our Croisino platform. However, we want to assure our loyal holders that the token exchange will be very favorable to them.

Currently, the value of CROISSANT is at $0.00117 and MUFFIN is at $0.00075 and we will be locking these prices in. We have decided to offer a token swap at 200% of the current price and valuation for users. Meaning for every $1 in CROISSANT or MUFFIN, you will get $2 in BREADROLL ($BDR) Token.

We will also be focusing all our efforts on our on-chain and off-chain games and will be deprecating $DONUT project because of the low pick up rate and also low marketcap.

For each dollar in $DONUT, you will be receiving $2 in BREADROLL as well. DONUT price is currently at $0.014.

These prices and swap ratios will be lock in at the current rate.

You will get 1BDR token ($1) for every: 425 CROISSANT ($0.50)
You will get 1BDR token ($1) for every: 665 MUFFIN ($0.50)
You will get 1BDR token ($1) for every: 35 DONUT ($0.50)

In order to participate in this swap, you will need to create an account with us at https://croissant.games and deposit your CROISSANT, MUFFIN and DONUT tokens.

Once we have set up the staking pages, we will proceed to burn all the CROISSANT and MUFFIN tokens in your accounts, and replace them with BDR tokens (at the higher valuation) 🔥🔥🔥🔥. We will inform you of the exact time of the swap closer to the date. We anticipate that it will take 1–2 weeks to complete the token swapping process.

Tokenomics for BREADROLL TOKEN ($BDR)

The BDR token will have an initial value of $1, with liquidity provided by the funds in the buyback community wallet. This will ensure that there will be enough liquidity for users to buy and sell.

Users will have the opportunity to stake BDR/USDC on our site and earn more BDR tokens 💰. We will make the process as seamless as possible for you. We will also partner with AMMs/DEXes to create farm for our BDR token. We aim to create more BDR/USDC farms.

Features of $BDR

  • Game Mining (earn as you play)
  • Dividend staking to earn CRO, BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDC and more!
  • Top players (by volume) on Croissant.Games will also receive airdrops of $BDR regularly.

More details to be released

Stay tuned Bakers.



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